Enjoy Your Disneyland Memories Here

Remember when you had a pass to Disneyland before Covid hit? Ahhh, those were the days right? Getting to Disneyland early to get a good parking spot. Long lines to get onto rides. The smell of food coming from you have no idea where. The music, the noise. The crowds of people bumping into you. What about the proper Disneyland attire you wore? How many memories do you have?

Some of our favorite memories at Disneyland may start from childhood when we were taken for the first time by our parents. They took us by our hands and lead us around the big park.  Such happy memories.

If you are having a bit of withdraws to Disneyland we have the solution for you. Check out this video taken this year in the park before the covid shut down. This will bring back Disneyland memories of the good times we had until we are able to return once again to one of our favorite places DISNEYLAND!

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How To Spend Your Whole Day On Catalina Island, Using A Golf Cart

We left the dock of Long Beach approximately 8am, headed to Catalina Island. The ocean was calm with a bit of hazy overcast in the air. We were one of the firsts ones in our group, on the Catalina Express. The boat ride was smooth, it only took us an hour to get to the island. Our plan… go directly to the golf cart rental place, only a few steps from the landing. Luckily we were the firsts ones there, no lines at all. We did a little research before deciding which golf cart company we wanted to go to. We chose Catalina Golf Cart Rentals because of their reviews; the cost amount (buy 2 hours for $100 cash and get one hour free), and they also offered a split in your time on the island.

Catalina Golf Cart Rentals gave us golf cart driving lessons, a map, some clues on how to use the map, and off we went to explore Catalina Island. It was a fun ride. Noisy yes, but fun for sure. In one area we got lost, but that was alright, it is always more fun to get a little lost and see things that are not on the map. In one of the areas we were supposed to turn left but we turned right. If someone would not have stopped us perhaps, we would have ended on a one-way road. We did not get that far to find out. We turned in the correct direction and off we went for some more exploration of the island. By the time we got back to the cart rental it was exactly half-time. The worker there was going to give us back some money, but when I explained to him that I wanted to do a split, he was happy to help. He told us what we could see while we went into town.  We did a little shopping and eating in town.

In the afternoon, it was time to get a cart again and see some more of the island, we had left off in the morning. We went back to get a golf cart and found no lines to wait in. Right away we got into our new cart and drove away. We stopped at all the beautiful scenic places and took pictures and videos of the island. We even stopped by a big tree and listened to the birds singing to each other.

I could not imagine what kind of day we would have had without the golf cart. We highly recommend the Catalina Golf Cart Rentals. They were friendly, easy to work with and knowledgeable about the island.  After we gave back our rental (2 minutes early), we headed back to the Catalina Express ticket office. I upgraded our boat ride by $15 each ticket. This gave us early entrance to the vessel and we got to go into the lounge area where they gave us complimentary drinks and a snack. We had a nice hour ride to Long Beach.

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Beach Travel With Wet Style

One of my favorite beaches happens to be only 20 minutes away. We can travel farther or stay in our own back yard to wear the newest men’s and ladies bathing suits for 2020. Our destination for this week is Laguna Beach California, USA.

Overcast mornings bring bright sunshine by the afternoons. The surf is light, the salty air fragrance is all around you as you lay yourself down for your 20 minute vitamin D sunbath. Those who venture into the cool waters of the foamy surf, splash and play in wave after wave crashing before them.

The ones who get noticed most are the ones wearing the newest styles of the year. Buy one or buy them all, your new bathing suits will be just right for the beach or anywhere you love to swim. Check out these brand new styles and colors by clicking this link ~ https://wp.me/p8P2w3-Kc

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Blog 4 | Traveling To Old Town San Diego

We traveled to Old Town San Diego after going on a Gocar Tour San Diego “Old Meets New” Downtown + Old Town. But that is not how it all started.

It started with me wanting to find something fun to do in San Diego for a day. I had no idea what to do there. I was looking for a tour to take. I called a local travel agency and they told me they do not do day tours. Then I remembered my American Express card does tours in different areas, so I called them. A nice travel rep. spent about an hour on the phone with me trying to find the best thing to do in my price range and with the person I was going with. There were some limitations. When I tried again to book with American Express, the next morning after booking my Amtrak ride, I waited on the phone over an hour and was never served.

Luckily, American Express had given me the name of the booking company who books the tours for them. So, when I called them, I knew they would be reputable. That company’s name is Viator. I would not hesitate to book with them again.

The next day, the fun began. We got a ride on the Amtrak train, and got off at “Old Town” train station. I did not know how far the Gocar office was, so I called lift to give us a ride. I called them twice and no one ever came to pick us up. I noticed a map by the streetlight and saw the Gocar office was not far away. In fact, it was only a few steps away from the train station. How convenient is that? So, my rider and myself walked a block up the street.

When we got there, I told them I was a little apprehensive about driving their cars with handlebar brakes and throttle. They had the solution waiting for me ready to go. An electric Gocar that looked like a car with a steering wheel and brakes just like a normal car. I was happy. We had a lot of fun cruising around San Diego in our Gocar.

When we got back to the office to return the Gocar, we were told that Old Town was directly across the street from them. We walked over and had a picnic. We spent the rest of the day at Old Town. We got some ice cream from the hand made ice cream shop and bought candy at the candy store. We walked over to the park and my rider decided to climb one of the trees there.

When it was time to go back home, we waited at the Amtrak station for the train to arrive and left Old Town and Gocar with found memories promising to return one day and do it again.

Check out both of our videos ~

This link is for Old Town San Diego-https://youtu.be/xr9u20cBjbI

This link is for Gocars-https://wp.me/pc4Rm3-33

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Travel To San Diego | What are Gocars?

We traveled to San Diego on an Amtrak train, to a place called Go Cars. We were told to buy an Amtrak rail ticket all the way to the end of the track to the Santa Fe, but in fact, that was wrong advice. Luckily the station we needed to get off was “Old Town” which was one stop from the end of the line.

The Gocar office is located at 3918 Mason St. San Diego CA 92110. located only about a block from the Old Town rail station.

We purchased the Old Meets New tour, which starts at Old Town San Diego and continues to historic Little Italy and much, much more.  All of the Gocars hold two people. You must be at least age 21 and have a valid drivers license to drive the go cars with a credit card, and have the option to purchase Collision Damage Waiver insurance on the day of rental, which I did, just to be safe.

If you are looking for something different to do in San Diego, I recommend you take a look at this option of fun. Gocars is a unique, fun experience learning about the city with the self guided tour, giving directions from an instrument in your 3 wheeled car. Most of the Gocars on the lot have brakes and accelerators on the handle bars. I was lucky that day, they had an electric Gocar that drove like a car with a roof.  It had a steering wheel and also brakes on the floor. This electric Gocar was very easy to drive. Navigation was easy to follow, it was my own fault in the end where I got lost. It was easy to get back on track with the navigation telling me which way to go.

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Blog 3 | Watch Fish Play At Long Beach Aquarium Of The Pacific.

When was the last time you went to Long Beach’s Aquarium Of The Pacific? It’s time to get back to watch those fish play at the Aquarium Of The Pacific.

The last time I went was about three years ago. They had many more exhibits and shows open at that time. But that was in the past. Now they have other interesting things to do there.

Traffic going was light, going northbound on the 405 freeway. I had to change freeways and go to the 710. From there I followed the signs and it took me exactly to where I needed to go. We went about 30 minutes early and the parking lot was nearly empty. I wasn’t sure where to stand in line because we were the first to arrive. And attendant showed me exactly where to stand.

I asked the staff if it was alright to do a YouTube there and they told me it was no problem, in fact, some of the employees were happy to let me know what we were looking at and explaining a few facts about the fish while filming.

I don’t know why I like to look at fish and sea creatures so much. We took our time going from one area to another. Two stories of huge and tiny fish, Sea Otters who loved to play, giant Pacific octopus who moved around and Diving Birds. Other species on display include Japanese spider crabs, jellyfish, frogs and sea anemones. There was even an area they had just opened back up where you can touch the sting rays. I took as much footage as I could for YouTube. Please make sure to subscribe to help grow our channel. Here is what you have been waiting for… click the link to see the Long Beach’s Aquarium Of The Pacific. https://youtu.be/gwr-wzqft9E

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Traveling To Malls To Purchase Name Brand Items Not The Same

Traveling to malls these days has not been the same since they have opened up malls in your local area. You may be facing long lines and in some areas, they won’t let you in their store without an appointment. Even when the crowds are low the mall stores need to comply with Governor”s regulations.

Wearing a mask while you shop in a mall is required. The South Coast Plaza handed out free masks for all who were not wearing one, plus they gave you a free bottled water. Asking security when a store will open? No one knows. Some will close indefinitely.

I asked the mall executives at the South Coast Plaza, located in Costa Mesa California if I would be allowed to take video in their mall, they said “NO!” They did tell me that they will not stop me from taking pictures. That’s exactly what I did to show you what shopping in a mall is like. Shopping has changed tremendously from only a few months ago. Will these huge high-end malls be able to survive with competition so high from online shopping? Many of the popular brands such as YSL, Louise Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Versace, Rolex, and Fendi can also be purchased online, a safer and easier way to shop. High-in name brands will no longer need to pay the high prices of rent to sell us the best quality items.

Online websites such as BreakingNewsBeauty will help you shop for your favorite brands. I have placed a link for you to check out and do some online mall shopping.

Click on this link for online mall shopping. https://wp.me/p8P2w3-JN

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Blog 2 | South Coast Plaza | Which Stores Need An Appointment To Shop There? | Orange County, California, USA

Having some free time, I wanted to check out the South Coast Plaza, located in Orange County, California. We start off by driving on the 405 freeway, got off at Bristol and parked.

I contacted the mall earlier and asked them if I was allowed to film in the mall and they told me “NO!”

Well that’s OK, I can make a video without filming, they did tell me I could take pictures. As soon as we walked in, we noticed the balloons and a certain someone who was with me HAD to have one and I said “YES!”

After buying the pug balloon we went into Starbucks and was welcomed by the cashier. We placed our order and looked for a place to sit. There were no seats anywhere close to the Starbucks so we walked and looked at the stores, some open and some not.

I began taking pictures and all the while, the pug was following us closely.

It was early in the morning when we started, the stores were not open yet, they didn’t open until 11am. We took in about 10k steps. We didn’t stay long, we went there mainly to film the stores and have a walk.

I was surprised to see how many stores have still not opened, even though the Governor of California said it was OK to do so, a couple of weeks ago. I was also surprised by the fact that some stores needed to have an appointment, that’s new, while others had long lines waiting to get into the store to make a purchase.

When we got home, we got out of the car, and for no reason at all, the dog balloon popped! My little one was devastated. He had become attached to that dog balloon and was hoping for a few days of play before it would deflate. Including the ride home, the balloon lasted for exactly 4 hours. I tried to comfort him by saying we can get him another one. He told me nothing could bring back his Puggy. So the next time we shop there we will be getting another kind of balloon instead of a pug.

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