Travel Blog 5 | Surprise Travel! You Are Headed To The Hospital During Covid

Only a few minutes ago you were feeling fine, when suddenly you begin developing symptoms. Your mind races, will today be your last day? What is happening to you? Next thing you know, you are headed to the hospital during Covid.

The emergency room is in front of the hospital building. There is a long line of people, who came before you to get into the hospital emergency room. Everyone must take their turn to answer questions for which side of the hospital they will take you for your treatment, the regular side or the Covid side. It will all depend on how you answer the person who admits you through the door.

Door number 1 gets you into the regular side. There you will give the administration your license and your insurance card. Then you wait until the next emergency room is open, to get the help you need.

Once the doctors get your history and your symptoms, the tests begin.  Your cure is only hours away. You feel better leaving the hospital better than you went in. Even in our time of Covid you can go into the hospital and get treatment needed without having to worry about getting a virus.

For the things you will need in the hospital during your stay, click this link

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4 thoughts on “Travel Blog 5 | Surprise Travel! You Are Headed To The Hospital During Covid

  1. This is a great article. You never know when you might end up in the hospital. I actually had to spend the night recently because my teenage son broke his leg! Life can be crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

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