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Saturday- Right after we booked the hotel for our stay, I called up the hotel’s concierge. I spoke with the front desk and a really nice person told me their concierge is not in until the weekend, but he said he would be happy to help me with any of my needs. I informed him that I have never been to his hotel, but I hear the hotel is historical. “Yes,” he said, and he began telling me all about the hotel. (More later about this hotel).

It wasn’t until the hotel’s concierge called me back, that I was able to make some final decisions about what we will do while we stay there. Most things are still closed because of Covid. The waterfalls are closed, (I didn’t even know this state had a waterfall), some of the tourist attractions are closed and it will be too hot to do too many things outside without going into some kind of water. But you know what? I am still happy to go on this trip and get away to have a bit of fun.

Today is the day to do my hair. In California, the governor decided to close all the beauty salons AGAIN (even though there has not been one case of a hairstylist or client passing on Covid to each other). Stylists can only cut hair outside. They are not allowed to do a color on anyone’s hair. But lucky me, I have a stylist in the family and today is hair coloring day!

Stay tuned tomorrow when I reveal more of our trip.

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I have already revealed that we are going on a train. I have also reviled we are not going to Portland Oregon, Seattle, The Redwood Forest, Colorado and Chicago is too far and about  the weather to where we will be staying. Today I have reviled to you that the hotel we are staying at is a historical hotel.

Can you take any guesses to where we will be going?

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