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Day of trip…

Wednesday- Morning means packing because today is the day we leave for our exciting journey. Finally, the trip is here. Woo hoo!!! All the anticipation and the planning are going to happen starting from today.

Today is packing day. In the morning we packed all of our clothes in a carry-on suitcase, a backpack and a travel bag, (I packed my soft pillow I love to sleep with). We then checked with the Amtrak phone app. It said we are supposed to change trains in San Antonio Texas at 5am which means we would have to wake up at 4am to pack up our things to move to another train. I was not happy to hear this because I had booked a straight through trip. So of course, I called up Amtrak vacation right away to see what is up.

Amtrak checked and told me, unless I want to get out at San Antonio, we should stay on the train. Hahaha. I was happy to hear that the app was wrong as far as our travel was concerned. So, if you find that your tickets and the app does not match, just call Amtrak vacation and they are happy to talk with you and you will have a happier train ride.

Finally, the time had come to call an Uber. It took them only 19 minutes to get to our home to pick us up. The Uber guy was really nice and took us to the train station, where we boarded our train. The train attended gave us some snacks for trip.

It was not long before out train arrived to take us to LAX Union train station.

Because we were taking a sleeper car, we were able to use the first-class lounge. It said on the website you are not allowed to eat in the lounge, but in fact, that was false! We were able to get something decent to eat from union station’s small store right next to the ticket counter.

We waited a few hours. Then it was time to board the train. The lounge area lady asked us if we would like to take a cart to our train with the guy in the red cap. Everyone replied “yes,” and off we went to the train. And at 9:45 we headed for the train.

Our bedroom was upstairs to the left.

When we got to our room the bed was made up for sleeping. It was extremely difficult to get in the room. Saying it was tight for two people to occupy the room is an understatement. We could barely turn around. But we did the best we could without bitching too much, because this was an actual bedroom and not a roomette. We had full stand up shower in our toilet area.

I am under 5 feet, so I offered to take the top bunk bed. The bottom bunk was perfect for hubby.

The top bunk was extremely hard. No pillow top mattress there. It felt more like camping. I was hot and then cold. I tossed and turned all night long.

Check out the video below

For more about the trip. Stay tuned tomorrow to read more. It gets exciting.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Blog | Today Is The Day! Leaving For Our Trip Today!! | How To Plan A Trip

    • Yes, Amtrak train. The streets of Austin were empty, so I think not too many people are thinking of traveling this summer. But we travel every summer and I wasn’t going to let a little Covid keep us down. Everyone was super careful everywhere we went.


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