Travel Blog | Day 2 | How To Ride Amtrak In A Bedroom During Covid

Getting up to the bunk bed was not a problem, however getting down??? That was another story. Have you ever seen a dog turn around and around to get their positioning? That is what I felt like trying to get off the latter on my trail latter experiment. I found that the bed was made up the wrong way from how the latter was positioned. The latter was placed where the pillow was positioned close to the window. We could not put the latter in a different place,because the room was so small, but we could place the pillow on the opposite side of the bed, closer to the door. We asked our attendant if we would be able to change the bedding to the other way, but her suggestion was to bring another sheet and use the bed like that. No problem.

That works for me!!

When it was time to sleep the bed was rock hard. I tossed and turned all night long. I finally got to sleep at 4 am and slept until 6 am.

Down I came from the bunk after hubby had prepared himself for the day. Still the room was cramped and not able to turn around.

It was my turn to freshen up. I took a shower in the bathroom we had in our room. It felt really nice and warm. The only thing that is supplied for the bathroom is fresh towels, toilet paper and a few bars of soap. The tiny bar of soap is called Boardwalk deodorant soap. Make sure to bring your own shampoo and conditioner when you sleep in an Amtrak bedroom. But on the positive side, It was so nice to have a private bathroom you could take a shower in. I thought it was going to be hard to take a shower in there, but it was not bad at all. It didn’t feel cramp, but it did feel cozy.

The attendant magically turned our bedroom in to a spacious living area by 8am, we finally had room to breathe. We found out that our carry-on suitcase actually fits under the seat and out of the way. We had no idea we could do this last night. No one told us. But now the room was luxurious.

We ordered breakfast in our room; it was a microwave breakfast sandwich. An egg, cheese inside an English muffin. It tasted rubbery, tomorrow we will order something else.

 *   *   *

After breakfast, the train stopped for a quick repair of the engine. The conductor told us we can go out and stretch our legs for a bit. But I decided, instead of going out in the 99* heat, I would walk back and forth a few times through the air-conditioned cars. One of the cars were dark. People sleeping on 2 seats trying to get comfortable. In the next car, it was not dark, but there were many people sleeping there too. The third passenger car was completely empty. I am guessing this is the business class car. Who would pay that much extra for a business class ride when for just a little bit more you can ride comfortably in a sleeper car? A little later I found out, it is a regular part of the train and they didn’t put people into those seats because there were not enough attendants to work in that area.

The next car was the observation car. This car had 3 people looking out the window. Claiming their spot for the journey. The last car was the dining car. It was the end of the line and I could not go farther.

I asked the dining car attendant for some soda and ice and they were happy to oblige.

Coming back to the room, we heard our neighbors having problems with the train security. Apparently, they had luggage below that was flagged by the drug sniffing dogs. The couple were asked if they would allow them to search their belongings and they said no, they will not comply. They were told if they will not comply, they will be taken off the train while they get a search warrant to search their bags. If they find anything in their bags, their baby will be taken and they will both go to jail, That went on for about a half hour. Apparently, the guy had just smoked a meth pipe and was afraid he would go to jail. The security was nice enough to tell them that they are only interested in seeing if they were drug dealers. Not recreational users. All must have went well for them, because we heard the baby making noise after the train began taking off.


The walls in the bedroom of the train are paper thin. All of your neighbors can listen in on everything you say, even though we don’t want to hear it. Remember that while traveling in any room on Amtrak trains.

Later in the evening, just before going to bed. I looked outside; in the pitch darkness, I saw a shooting star. I waited about 25 minutes longer to see if I could see any more, and since I did not. I climbed up the latter and quickly fell asleep on the pillows I had draped on the bed and earplugs on, i had packed for the trip. Sleep came quickly.

For more about the trip. Stay tuned tomorrow to read more. The best is yet to come.

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