Travel Blog | Day 3 | The Driskill Hotel | How To See Austin Texas During Covid

Waking up early I remember how tight the room was the morning before. It was hard to move around until the bedroom was once again put together by the attendant, just after we left San Antonio Texas. For some reason we found ourselves 1 hour late getting to our final destination. It only took a few minutes to catch a ride to our beautifully historic hotel. Finally, we arrived at our destination, The Driskill Hotel. When we entered the hotel right away you smelled the old musty smell of history. Just like the old buildings of Europe. After we checked in to our gorgeous room that our concierge had set up for us, we unpacked, and I headed to the lobby to meet our lovely lady who had helped me plan this whole trip. Christine told me her friends call her Chris. So, from here on that is how we will call her. A tall young beautiful lady that I was extremely appreciative of for making this anniversary special.

After our greetings, I headed back to our room, I met up with hubby and together we explored the Hotel.

This is the pictures of our beautiful room at The Driskill.

Our room is at the end of the hallway

The name and number on our door room

The view as you walk in the doorSide view from the corner of the living room

Wall hangings

The view from the other side of the living room

The grand ceiling

Picture of the Yellow Rose

Between the living room and the bedroom was the dressing room

Then you enter into the king size bedroom

The bathroom was located just right of the picture of the bedroom

Today was our anniversary. Christ had arranged a dinner for us at a place called Jeffery’s.

Hubby and I got ready for our early dinner when a knock came at the door. A lady appeared with a bottle of champagne and two glasses and a note congratulating our anniversary.

Soon after, hubby and I decided to check the famous bar that was voted #1 in Texas at The Driskill hotel. The first drink I had was

Blackberry Smash

Bulleit Bourbon, Blackberry, Simple, Lemon, Orange Bitters

It was pretty bad. I took two sips and couldn’t drink anymore. It was strong and not the kind of drink I like. It has the perfect name Blackberry Smash because two sips and oh boy, you could get smashed! Hahaha. This is a perfect drink for those who like bourbon. The server saw that I wasn’t drinking it and asked me if I would like something else and I said, “yes please.”  She came back with…

Texas Orange Blossom

Vanilla Vodka, Cointreau, Orange Juice, Orange.

No wonder this bar is voted #1 in Texas. That drink alone might have had something to do with it. The best alcoholic drink I have ever tasted. Then we headed off to Jeffery’s.

Our table had a note on it welcoming us to our 15th anniversary. It wasn’t until that time, when hubby counted the years that I found out, It was actually our 16th anniversary.  somewhere I had lost a year hahaha.

No matter, it was time to choose our meals. I ordered the seafood platter and hubby ordered the steak. Then we ordered some sparking wine to celebrate the evening.

When my food came to the table, it was beautifully served risotto with mussels, clams, crab legs and big chunks of shelled lobster pieces. Hubby’s steak was Texas size, huge with a big bone in it!

Probably the best seafood dish I have ever eaten in my life. Hubby noticed that most people around us ordered my same delicious meal.

After the meal, the restaurant told us they had prepared for us a special dessert requested by Chris. My mouth dropped when I found out we were having a chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream. We added the cappuccino.

For more about the trip. Stay tuned tomorrow to read more. It just keeps getting better!

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