Travel Blog | Day 4 | The Haunted Driskill Hotel | Do You Believe In Ghosts?


After drinking 2 Different drinks at The Driskill and one small bubbly wine at the restaurant last night for our Anniversary, I woke up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache. So, I got up from bed and decided to write yesterday’s blog, sitting on the middle of the couch.

I managed to find my cell phone next to my hubby’s phone. The room was pitch black; The only light came from my cell phone. Not two minutes after I sat on the couch quietly as to not wake hubby up, I hear a lady’s voice screaming in the distance. It was a little eerie. Just like horror movie scream. If I was a ghostly believing person, this would have made me call the front desk and check out on the spot. But since I do not believe in ghosts. I figured there is some kind of weird explanation. Ignoring what just happened, I continued my blogging… 5 minutes later-and I swear to you, the next thing I heard is a lady in the distance scream mama, and then the same eerie scream. I am thinking. TV??  So, I continued my blog. I write for about a half hour. The hotel is quite and still, the only light I see is my phone in my hand. When suddenly… I hear a huge, big, gigantic crashing machine sound, with a loud hiss at the end. This loud noise startled me so much, I let out a shrill scream that even scared me. I thought I must have woken up the whole, entire fifth floor.

I jumped to my feet in pitch darkness and quickly headed to the bedroom, with my phone in my hand. Just as I reached the doorway, I was startled again with a dark figure in the doorway, my husband asked me why I screamed. When I told him what happened,

he said to me, “You are the only one who has really had an encounter with the paranormal and you don’t even believe it.”

I slipped back into bed my hubby close behind me, when suddenly there was soft high-pitched noise with some hissing and clanking. He asked me if I heard that. I said “yes”. It is probably in the walls. I hear it again and ask him. Did you hear that? “No,” he says. “There is no noise.”

I tease him, “As we age, we don’t hear such high pitches anymore.”

Again, he asks, “Did you hear that?”

I say, Yes, it’s probably easily explainable.”

Again, now only louder… the hissing continues. It lasts about 7 minutes. On and off. On and off. Suddenly… out of nowhere… music begins to play.
“Oh My God!!!! IT’S-YOU!!!!” I tell him.

He cannot stop laughing. He has been playing Halloween music since he came to bed. When I was not looking, he got his phone and thought he could scare me.

“You Asshole,” I told him as I busted up laughing.

He asked if the ware wolf sound was too much? I laughed and told him to go to sleep!

Before going to sleep he decided to write a post on his Facebook page.

We are spending our trip in a haunted hotel. A little Halloween haunting trying to scare my wife with the scarring sounds of Halloween. The werewolf sounds gave it away and now my middle name is asshole. The comments began pouring in before we fell asleep.

Read part 2 of Saturday Trip Day 4 tomorrow.

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