The Amtrak Bedroom From Los Angeles To Austin Texas

Our train was leaving from Los Angeles to Austin Texas, we booked a bedroom sleeping car. It was 10pm when our train left L.A. for Texas when we boarded the train, the bed filled almost the entire room. I have exactly what it looked like in the video below. We put our small carry on luggage beside the built-in chair Amtrak provides and there is not much room to turn around.

Since I was going to be sleeping on the top bunk, I decided to do a practice run, going up the ladder that was already placed in front of the bottom bed touching the top bunk mattress. The way it was positioned, I landed almost onto of the pillow. I am a tiny person, I couldn’t not imagine how a normal size person could possibly get up and down the bed… until I moved the pillow to the other side of the bed, right next to the door. That made more sense. The attended offered me another sheet to sleep on and the bed was made perfectly. But while I was up there for the very first time, I could not figure out how to get down. Should I go forward? Backward? I felt like I was one of those dogs going in circles trying to figure out  how to do this. Although I am usually a sound sleeper. I chose to have those straps hold me in just in case. Never needed it, but I was glad it was there.

When it was time to sleep, I noticed how loud the bathroom was rattling and how hard the mattress was. It is not like the bed on the bottom bunk, they put an extra mattress on top of the couch, so the bottom isn’t hard at all. But the top bunk thin mattress is place upon a board. To make my bed softer, I asked for more pillows from the attendant and that seemed to do the trick.

The next day I explored the rest of the train. It was over 100* outside so I didn’t want to walk out there when the train stopped so explored the train. I walked all the way to the pass the three cars with passengers trying to get comfortable, then the viewing car and at the end was the dinning car. After that was the engine and that was off limits.

After the bed was made up and the attendant turned our bedroom into a living room, it was a really nice trip. We felt like we had plenty of room. We loved having our own bathroom in our bedroom. It was very private. The people I had met on the train were really nice.

Everyone on our train seemed happy to be traveling that day.

This video has what the bedroom looks like when you just step into it at 10pm, ready for sleep. The next morning the video shows how nice the room is made from a bedroom from a living room.

Enjoy the video!

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